ACARS started first in the 70s for having a unique and accurate source of aircraft times named OOOI (Out, Off, On, In events).
When ETOPS flights started in the 80s, the data link technology was used for real time engine monitoring.
Then ACARS has been used for transmitting aircraft maintenance information for reducing ground delays.

The last decade has seen an extended use of FMS applications for fuel and aircraft time savings.

In order to increase air space capacity, new applications involving ATC such as ADS, CPDLC. 
For the past 20 years, CyberJet has built up a large expertise in interfacing aircraft information systems with ground information systems. The scope of possible applications is large, it includes flight operations, movement control, maintenance control, engineering and some passenger services.

From this expertise, CyberJet has designed a software solution flexible enough for taking care of most requirements, implementing ACARS becomes mainly a set-up task and no need for specific development with the associated costs.

Our software is independant from telecommunication providers and from avionic suppliers, therefore your company is free to select its vendors knowing that the data link integration will continue to work. For instance ACARS Gateway has the capability to connect to Iridium providers directly through email or web services.
We have built up expertise on sending data to the FMC since 2003, our system is capable to respond automatically to flight plan and weather requests from the aircraft. FMC uplinks result in reduced fuel consumptions and reduced crew duty times for optimizing crew useage.

ACARS Gateway software is designed as a high availability solution, it is even used by an engine manufacturer for monitoring its customers engines.

ACARS Gateway has its own database where in addition to business rules, aircraft data is stored and made available for reporting, this includes flight time, fuel information, maintenance information. For airlines using also SkyOps and Skycrew, flight information is immediately available thanks to the use of one single database for all these applications.

This solution is distributed by Sabre Airline Solutions as Sabre Air Centre Acars Manager, the company is an exclusive distributor of our ACARS software in the Americas. The software is integrated with many Sabre Air Centre applications.

The current software generation, which is the third one, was designed in 2006, the fourth generation of the software is under development, the 2012 version will be available this fall.