Openskies, which is a french BA company is using SkyOps and SkyCrew software for managing their flight operations from Paris-Orly, London Heathrow and Newark
SkyWork is a regional company based in Bern (Switzerland), this carrier has selected SkyOps and SkyCrew after a lengthy evaluation of products available on the market.
CyberJet has developed many specific interfaces for this company.
Flight Operations Solutions
CyberJet offers low cost and high performance  solutions for regional, charter, business, cargo, and start-up airlines.

Our company provides airlines with a variety of solutions for control and optimization in their key processes including consulting, development and implementation. Cyberjet offers  to the operators solutions adapted  to their individual needs.
Nowadays the key issues that an airline must face are resources optimization, cost savings and improved ability to react promptly to any incedence allowing airlines to be more efficient and profitable. Our range of solutions for the airline control and planning  goes from flight scheduling, slot management, crew scheduling, flight watch and incidences and reports management.
The software helps carriers to pass IOSA and Civil Aviation audits.

With our solutions, airlines achieve employee productivity gains that pay for the system.

For facilitating user learning curve and role flexibility, a smooth workflow has been used for all the production phases: from flight scheduling to crew reporting, all software components are sharing the same database.

Our software is designed against a simplified and cheap  IT architecture (MS+SQL).

By the end of 2012, a new web based product named JetSched will be available, it will facilitate hosted implementations for airlines.
Air-Ground Data link
CyberJet has built up in 20 years a long expertise in processing aircraft data for AOC and maintenance purposes.
Our solution enables to interface aircraft information systems with many ground applications such as engine trend monitoring or fllight planning systems.
The software can process a large number of messages and is used by major carriers and by an engine manufacturer.
The 2012 generation is web based and fully supports redundant hardware.