CyberJet solutions are flexible enough for handling very small fleet of turboprop aircraft and large fleets of jet aircraft.
CyberJet software will help your airline in demonstrating that your crew members are complying with duty time regulations, but your airline will increase its productivity through many automated processes.

SkyOps includes a dispatch check-list which is user configurable and linked with the airport data base.
Business Aircraft Operations
Charter and owner flights require many preliminary tasks compared to scheduled carriers, almost every flight is unique and requires to request permits, handling, fuel and to check all technical details.
Passenger specificities need to be taken care of.

CyberJet solutions covers the complete production cycle from sales to crew reports. One single database for the whole airline provides updated information to all employees.

- SkyRevenue is the software for managing charter sales
- SkyOps enables to prepare and dispatch flights, reports include fuel emission.
- SkyCrew checks pilots ratings and duty time legality.

An airport data base provides recent information about airport services and hotels.

For increasing productivity, the system integrates SITA, ARINC, ACARS, Eurocontrol messages. SkyOps can also read emails containing movement or fuel uplift information from the crew.

A crew log application is available on Windows XP, in addition an iPad version will be available on 3rd quarter 2012.

SkyOps and SkyCrew bring to business operators the productivity of main carriers but providing all features required by general aviation.