Getting to some airports may require special training, our crew record solutions are interfaced with the crew scheduling system for ensuring that the airline always plan qualified people for every single flight
External conditions can affect airline operation and result in delays and schedule changes.
Our system check that you crew is still legal to fly and helps finding alternate solutions.
In difficult circumstances, airlines need to use information system that can follow their changing environment.

Operators have to be able to:
- manage several AOC and country regulations;
- coordinate and optimize all ressources;
- work from any location;
- handle various bases;
- have productivity improvements.

CyberJet is preparing a new generation software that complies with these requirements
JetSched is a full web based solutions for airline scheduling of all necessary ressources (aircraft, flying crew, ground staff, simulator).

Latest web technology enable to have graphic charts with drag and drop, undo and simulation features.

By using Internet solutions, hosting and remote use become easy to implement. Airlines can then more easily distribute the production management in several offices.

JetSched will be available from beginning 2013, it will progressively include SkyOps and SkyCrew functionalities plus:
- enhanced crew records management
- automated scheduling option
- aircraft maintenance scheduling