MQ is a solution for exchanging messages between computer applications (email is intended for message exchange between humans).

Three different implementations are supported by cyberJet application: IBM Websphere MQ, Apache ActiveMQ and Microsoft MSMQ.

MQ is widely used in the airline industry for communication between scheduling, flight planning, movement control, maintenance...

MQ is not limited to TYPE B it can be used for proprietary formats as well.
Following RFI and RFP processes, CyberJet has been selected by AIRBUS for two projects:
- one with Airbus Flight test department for the management of crew and aircraft schedules
- one with Airbus Transport International for the scheduling and operation of the Beluga fleet.

The computer solutions are based on the JetSched software with specific extensions.
Agile software development methodology is used for handling customer specificities. 
The new operator based in Abidjan has selected CyberJet for its flight operations and ACARS information system. The implementation was done in October 2012.
The airline is starting its operations in November 2012 with two Airbus A319.
Air Cote Ivoire network is covering west Africa from Dakar to Libreville, domestic flights are planned in a short future.
Flight information will be synchronized with the sister airlines Air Burkina and Air Mali which also use CyberJet applications.
ARINC has certified CYBERJET MQ solution for exchanging IATA TYPE B messages, as a result CyberJet customers can be connected to ARINC network without having to go through the certification process.
ACARS messages are transmitted between Ground applications and the air-ground data link service provider using TYPE B.
The MQ solution for transmitting ACARS messages enables to send FMS uplinks as MQ does not add any additional carriage return line feed character.