Skycrew can generate based on its own powerful database an extensive range of reports, tailored to the client’s needs such as crew administration, medical, training records, flight/duty time accumulated, expiry dates, etc… 
SkyCrewNet is a web component available for crew members that makes easy the communication with the airline
The ability to produce a feasible and efficient crew roster is not only key to smooth and profitable operations. It is also an important element of flight safety, crew and customer satisfaction.
Crewing considerations, despite of their different complexity, must without exception involve national regulations (including EU-OPS sub part Q), company regulations, union’s agreements, requests, vacation, administrative office coverage, qualifications, licensing, training , fair distribution and fatigue management. All these parameters have to match with network needs, contractual obligations and financial considerations.

Skycrew manages and covers in a user friendly environment the entire crew management process, covering all phases from pairing construction to crew rostering to crew tracking and post-flight activities obtaining a complete overview. It provides programmers and controllers with highly efficient set tools that enable them to make the precise decisions and focus themselves on producing and maintaining efficient, legal, economic, fair and satisfying duty rosters, which are necessary for an optimal use of the airlines' most valuable resource, the crew members.

Our system manages the fatigue risk for reducing and controlling it in the planning phase, commercial crew face stress such as long duty days, frequent scheduling changes and disruptions to the body’s clock, also known as the circadian rhythm.