Flexible flight operation software for any type of airline.
AIR CARAIBES operates 5 Airbus A330 over the Atlantic and have been using SkyOps since the beginning of their operations in 2003
AIR LOYAUTE uses SkyOps for their Twin Otter flight operations
Effectively manage your business to ensure all aspects of the commercial planning, maximizes the efficiency and profitability, the continuity of data and safe flight operations. Ensure that your aircraft performs on time, no matter what the challenges are.

Today's airlines need to permanently revise their schedule plans in response to competitor actions, or to follow updated sales and marketing plans, while constantly maintaining operational integrity staying in control of your fleet

Skyops is fully integrated with all different Cyberjet applications reverses all the flights schedule data and operational changes keeping the crewing system automatically updated.

The system is used every day by more than 30 airlines around the world, ranging from small to medium sized carriers and using different business models
Commercial Planning - Provides the Commercial and Planning Departments with a Planning Calendar that enables  to trace a more efficient and profitable flight schedule, with an optimum use of the fleet. Interfaces with all CyberJet applications to guarantee the data’s reliably. The main module also permits automatic load / unload the IATA ASM / SSM messages and SSIM format files. Also allows the slot management and the coordination of resources (SCR/SMA) management.

The different events that may incise at the operation, either recurrent (maintenance stops, simulator sessions etc...) or punctual (strikes, sport or cultural events, etc ...) may be graphically displayed for its consideration.