In addition to scheduled carriers more than ten business aircraft operators are using CyberJet Software for managing their production.
A business aircraft operator with more than 60 aircraft is using CyberJet software thus demonstrating the scalability of the solution.
SkyOps has been customized for including business aircraft operation bringing the best of both worlds to you.

Features include:
•              Checklist helps to manage the performance sequence.
•              Comprehensive vision of the flight logistics by leg 
•              Changes and modifications tracking by user – (Who, What and When)
•              Customizable flight types and cancelations reasons.
•              Customizable methods of payment and currencies.
•              Quick filters help you customize the calendar view, making it easy to see only the information you need.
•              Generate delay messages that can be communicated to handling agents. The system includes a number                  of user friendly tools to delay, cancel, divert and reinstate flights, facilitating quick operational decisions.                    As actions are taken the system will warn the user if any aircraft turnaround times or curfews are                              violated.
•              Automatic generation of handling request.
•              Automatic generation of Daily programme.
•              Full customizable Check list.
•              Flight preparation status checklist and tracking functions.
•              Possibility to group flights by mission or folder.
•              Airport directory entered by customers or imported from Universal.
•              Customer contacts database Import/export functions into Microsoft Outlook.
•              Crew Control Tracking, monitoring and alerting.
•              Flexible airport information and general providers display with a comprehensive database including                          general information , characteristics, airport times , ground times, providers directory ,runways,                                alternates, time shift , manuals , documents ,pictures, videos and web pages.
•              Flexible fleet and aircraft type database including operational data ,limitations, performance ,avionics,                        communications, technical status, manuals ,documents , pictures, videos and web pages.
•              Flexible customer’s database including general informations, users types, sponsor, visa, passports,                            specificities, documents.
•              Automatic time zone updates.