SkyRevenue has been designed with 4 different business aircraft operators. The mock-up phase with end users provided good feed-back and the system is now operational. 
Before sending an offer to a customer it is important to check aircraft performance and how many crew members are required for complying with regulations, this is where you will see the benefit of CyberJet integrated approach.
SkyRevenue is your charter sales software solution, it provides:
- price quotation
- contract generation
- passenger data input
- display of aircraft and crew availability
- customer relation management
- handle several sales offices

The software uses the same database than SkyOps and SkyCrew, thus providing a high level of integration from the sales phase to the production phase.

SkyRevenue is a web application that can be used from various offices but also anywhere, the screen definition is based on iPad resolution, provided you have an internet connection you can respond to your customers rapidly and win markets.