TYPE B messages used to be based on telex protocol with its BAUDOT character limitation. Reservation systems and PC applications had Type B entering the electronic age, now it is moving to cloud computing where the messages are available through web applications.

Type B messages are mainly used by airport services, departure control systems, reservation systems and also as a ground transportation layer for ACARS messages. 
IATA Type B messages are still largely used between legacy applications, airport services, sales and flight operations departments. Because they are using industry defined formats, Type B messages are an easy way of exchanging data that can be processed by computers and by human operators.

CyberJet Type B message processor is the perfect solution for storing, routing and parsing your type B messages.

The philisophy of the application is to centralize in a data base all the messages of interest of the airline, instead of having the information spread in many computers. The benefit is that authorized employees can easily be aware of all the information exchanged even if they were not recipients of the initial messages.

The forwarding rules are user configurable based on originator, recipient, SMI, keyword. Recipients might be teletype, email, FTP, files, printers, SQL tables and easily changed through a user interface.

This solution can be used for airline internal communications through its own or public circuits, resulting in savings on communication costs.

The application uses several communication protocols from the industry and also internet protocols thus enabling type B emulation over Internet.

NEW: CyberJet MQ solution has been certified by ARINC.