CyberJet offices are located
71 rue Saint-Martin
91150 Etampes - France
Etampes is located 45km south of Paris-Orly airport
Air show team
The french acrobatic team was founded in Etampes in 1931, it moved later to south of France and became the "Patrouille de France"
General presentation
CyberJet is a software company dedicated to aviation, the company was founded in 1992.
Company staff is made of airline and IT specialists.

Main business area is the development of off the shelves software, mainly related to
-              airline production management
-              aircraft to ground data link. 

More than 50 aircraft operators in the world use one of our software.
In 2011, 65% of CyberJet business was made out of France.
The company also develops specific software for engine and aircraft manufacturers.

CyberJet headquarters are located in Etampes (France) which is a city  with an old aviation history.
A sister company based in Palma de Mallorca (Spain) takes care of south Europe markets and takes care of english language support activities.
Approximately 15 persons are providing services to CyberJet customers.

In addition Sabre Airline Solutions (TX, USA) is a distributor of CyberJet's ACARS Software.
Official Information
CyberJet is registered under the laws of France.
European VAT Number FR60384660403

Phone: +33 1 6494 3767  and +33 1 6494 7502
Fax : +33 1 6494 7518
Email: sales @ cyberjet . fr